Designed by Fowler. Made by SimpleShot.


A SIMPLE WRAP AND Tuck slingshot


Introducing the Sparrow Slingshot

Now, the slingshot that Fowler carved by hand from from a Maple branch can be yours. Made from ultra-tough ballistic grade thermoplastic, the Sparrow slingshot is available from SimpleShot.

In 2016, Zachary Fowler stayed out in the Patagonian wilds for 87 days to win Season 3 of History Channel’s Alone. Before he went out, he consulted with Nathan Masters, founder of SimpleShot, Inc. for help. Why? Because Zach was one of the few contestants to choose the slingshot as one of his precious few tools. And the rest is history. . .


Zach went on to win Season 3, setting a duration record that stands to this day, to fall in love with slingshots, to become a dealer for SimpleShot, open his own online store and to design a slingshot that is now mass-produced and for sale at his store and SimpleShot!

The Making of . . .


Fowler took a rough Maple fork and traced off the outline of the Sparrow. Little by little, the slingshot took shape.

Made from a Maple fork



SimpleShot is known worldwide for outstanding customer service. With the chat feature at, all your questions will find an answer with the courteous and knowledgable staff of SimpleShot.

One of the simplest frames you’ll find, the simplicity is the joy of this slingshot. Comfortable in the hand. Easy in the pocket. The Sparrow Slingshot is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, comfortable everyday shooter.

Owners Manual

Everything you need to know about your Sparrow slingshot and setting it up properly is all in your owners manual. When you buy, the owners manual is sent immediately via email so you can start learning before your slingshot even arrives.

Sparrow Slingshot

Features & BENEFITS


Pinch grip or hammer grip supported


Available in green, orange, and black


Dedicated OTT (over the top) banding


Attach bands with included tie-in material


Includes two ready-to-use powerful bandsets

Fowler’s Personal Slingshot. Now available.

Let’s get shooting.

Fowler Recommends:

Slingshot Mastery

Every Sparrow Slingshot includes a special offer from Slingshot Mastery, the leading source of slingshot training. The Fowler Bundle from Slingshot Mastery includes all these courses:

Found SLingshots

Build your own slingshot using items you can find! A branch, duct tape and rubber bands!


Everything you need to know. This course takes you from rank beginner to hitting spinner targets!

The Joy of Slingshots

This course is just for the fun of it. Watch as five slingshot pros show how they have FUN with slingshots.

What Sparrow Owners are Saying

Sparrow Testimonials

SimpleShot’s Sparrow feels very comfortable in the hand and it’s very accurate. I was hitting pop cans within minutes after watching SimpleShot’s videos on YouTube.

The shipping was very quick. I got my package sooner than expected.

Thanks SimpleShot for making great quality products!


December 23, 2020, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Sparrow is a very good Slingshot with a good rounded contour. It fits nicely into my large hands . . .

I got the orange one and thought it might be too bright, but its a nice dark, not-bright-at-all orange.

Very fast shipping to Germany… surprisingly fast, with a good tracking.

I love it!

Justin C.

December 03, 2020, Frankfurt am Main, HE

I’m absolutely loving the Sparrow, so much I purchased a second one.

Feels great in my hand, and I was quickly able to comfortable shooting it effectively.

5 stars for the Sparrow!

Guillermo C

November 11, 2020, Tijuana, BCN

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